Creative Workshops with Shirley Pando

Welcome to my online workshops!
I love sharing my creativity with you.  My goal in teaching is to provide you with a convenient way to learn crafty techniques and projects in the comfort of your own home and in a way that is easy to understand. I hope to instill in you a confidence to try new things and to really believe that you are truly creative. It's time to have some fun!

How do the classes work? 
My online workshops are hosted on a private website that only registered users are able to access. 

Traditional Workshops start on a specific date. Each week that the workshop is in session, I will post a new lesson. Students will be contacted via email when the new lesson is ready. The classroom materials usually include video demonstrations, and printable/downloadable PDF tutorials. Forums and a student gallery are also available inside the classroom so you can interact with the instructor and fellow students.

In Self-Paced Workshops all of the course content is open and available to students upon entrance into the classroom, allowing you to work at your own pace. The classroom materials are the same as in Traditional Workshops, except that there are no forums or gallery. Students can email the instructor for questions about course materials.

To register for a course, click the desired class photo on the right column of this page. Read the course description and download the supply list. At the bottom of the course description page you'll find the class start date, the length of the course (number of lessons), and the price. Click the PayPal button to purchase the course.

Can I enroll after a class has started? Absolutely! But don’t wait too long. Each workshop does have a specific end date at which point enrollment will close. 


Payments for my online workshops are accepted through PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account or don't want to create one, you can use a credit card. Proceed using the PayPal button on the course description page. Rather than logging into PayPal, choose the option to pay with a credit card. Once your payment has been processed I will send you an email invitation to the classroom within 48 hours. Please Note: You will need a Google account to attend the workshop and you will need to provide that email address to me during the enrollment process. (See below, “Log In Account”)

Log In Account 
My online workshops are hosted on a private website using Google Sites. To access all of my classrooms you will need a Google account if you don't already have one. This account can be used for all other instructors' workshops that are hosted either on Blogger or Google Sites. A Google account also gives you access to services like Gmail, Blogger, YouTube, and Google +. To create a Google account go to and fill in your information. Once you have your account you will use this to enter the classroom(s).

Once you have registered for an online workshop you can access the classroom 24/7 whenever is convenient to you. You will have access to all course materials for one year after the start date of the course. I will notify you prior to the closing of the classroom so you can download any PDF tutorials you would like to keep. Videos are NOT downloadable.

For all workshops, once you have paid for the workshop and have been emailed the log in information for the class, your course fee cannot be refunded, except in very extreme cases.

Do I have to be online when the workshop begins?
No, once you have registered for a course you are free to come and go whenever you want. Take as long as you need during the specified duration of the class.

What if I don’t finish the course on time? How long to have access to the materials? 
All students will have unlimited access to the course materials for exactly one year from the course start date.

I cannot see the course content
If you have entered the classroom before the course start date, no content will be available. Until class begins you can visit the forum, download the supply list, and complete any pre-work. Once the workshop begins you will see a link to the new lesson in the left hand column under the Lesson heading or at the tabs in the top navigation bar.

I cannot view/download the PDF Tutorials
If you are unable to download PDF’s please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader on your computer. You have two options for each PDF file. You can view the file via your web browser by clicking the file title. You can download the file by clicking the arrow to the right of the title. If you click on the arrow a pop-up dialogue box will appear for you to save the file to our computer. If you do not see this dialogue box, be sure to turn off your pop-up blocker.

I cannot view the videos
Video viewing can be interrupted by many things, including your computer age and internet provider. You will need to make sure that your web browser and Adobe Flash software are up to date. While the majority of students have no problems viewing videos I cannot guarantee every student will be able to view them on every device.

Internet browser
I highly recommend you use Google Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser. They work better than Internet Explorer or Safari, especially for visuals. If you choose not to use the recommended browser, I cannot guarantee you will be able to view all course content. 

I cannot post to the WORKSHOP forum. 
The WORKSHOP forum we use is private to our classroom. I added you to the forum when I enrolled you into the workshop. If for some reason you are not able to see the forum, I may have inadvertently forgotten!  Please request an invite from the Workshop page and I will add you in.

I cannot post to the ANNOUNCEMENT forum.
I am the only one with permissions to post to the ANNOUNCEMENT forum. I will use this to alert everyone when a new lesson is available AND when the classroom is set to close. If you unsubscribe from the ANNOUNCEMENT forum you will not receive notifications from me.

Please email me at with any questions.